Consulting with the CEO of Upschool- Brittanie Gold

What is an Upschool consult & Who needs one?

An upschool consultation is an observation and developmental evaluation of the family and caregiver/child relationships. As an educator and RIE influenced parent, Brittanie serves families by diagnosing problems, creating family goals with caregiver feedback, and help caregivers create new patterns that helps families break generational trauma cycles

What ages do you serve, when is it best to get an upschool consult?

We serve all ages and families of any size, type, race, religious background or culture. The language of love through confident boundaries transcends all types of structures.

It is best to get an upschool consult if you

• feel you have parenting challenges that you don’t have the tools to handle

• feel lost often in your relationship with your child/children

• feel empty at the end of a day of parenting

• feel overwhelmed by enforcing boundaries

• feel stressed by the amount of yelling taking place in your family

• feel the need to correct behaviors in peaceful ways

How do I schedule a meet and greet family consult?

We find a time to have a 30 minute discovery call where we go over my 12 point of relational awareness worksheet & what can be improved by an in person evaluation and coaching session. Then, we find an evening or weekend where a 90 minute observation can take place (we emphasize that this happens at a time that is a struggle normally like bedtime or dressing time etc). After the initial observation, we send each family a work up of parenting opportunities and successes as well as a plan of action to re-orient families towards happiness and wholeness.

View my calender to book a discovery call free

What locations do you serve?

The entire Tampa Bay Area including: Hillsborough, Pinellas, and some limited Pasco county families in person and all others over zoom or other face to face platforms

Email me at

or Text me (727) 487-2402

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