Interested in Upschooling?

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Are you a good fit for our school?

  • Believes in peaceful parenting
  • Looking for child-led learning
  • Loves relaxed routines
  • Does not believe in strict sleep training
  • Cares about good character and kindnessover academic achievement
  • Looking for long term committed teachers
  • Expects a home school atmosphere

  • Believes in authoritarian parenting
  • Looking for teacher- led learning
  • Wants child on a strict schedule
  • Cares about academic achievement above character development
  • Looking for short term care
  • Expects a luxury facility and newest gadgets and electronics

What is the curriculum fee? What does it include?

Our clients pay a weekly rate depending on hours, specific needs, and contracted schedule, and childrens ages.

Our homeschool drop-in daily rate is a separate fee.

Our fee includes all field trips, holiday parties, birthday celebrations, and art and learning supplies.

What ages do you serve?

Our program was designed to serve children before formal schooling begins, so we specialize in newborn to age 8.

We are also open to and enjoy supplementing homeschool families with socialization and group projects.

What is your mission statement?

Our mission is to engage children from infancy and beyond in social situations that teach them to think critically, be empathetic to others, learn basic skills of self-governance.

How do I schedule a meet and greet?

Our first meeting is arranged outside of school time and if our program is a fit for your child we arrange a free trial day. The trial day is a 3 hour test day to ensure the child is able/willing to thrive in our program. We meet parents scheduling needs for these days/times.

Where is UCC?

We are located in Tampa, FL 33624

Call/Text or Email us

(727) 487-2402